2014 Indy GAA PickEm – Week 1
And the Battle Begins!
The inaugural Indy GAA PickEm had 40 entries for Week1! Out of 40 entries, only 2 had a perfect week. The average score for the week is 2.2. The All Knowing Swami posted a 50% entry and is in 14th place, tied with 20 other people.

As for the games, 75% of the entries picked 2 Gingers and 80% of the entries picked Good Earth. Both teams rewarded the clubs faith in them by picking up victories over Claddagh and Connor’s respectively...

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4/16/14 Hurling Practice
4/16/14 Youth Practice
4/16/14 Bishop Chatard HS Gaelic Sports Club
4/17/14 Gaelic Football Practice
4/17/14 Gambold Prep HS Gaelic Sports Club
4/23/14 Youth Practice

= Hurling match
= Football match
= Social event
= Club event
For Broad Ripple Bragging Rights
It was the Battle of Broad Ripple to open the 2014 Hurling Season, Connor’s Pub vs. Good Earth. In business these 2 are Neighbors on Sugarbob Lane, one selling alcohol the other healthy foods and products. But in Hurling, these teams are well-matched competitors with veterans and rookies alike.  There were quite a few first time players taking the pitch including a fine matchup between High Schoolers: Cullen Riley and Alex Walker, both playing Midfield. Connors Pub downed the first shot of the game (Tequila, of course) and took what would be a one-time lead...

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