Indoor Hurling League | Week 2 Recap
The Recap | Week 2

Clare (Yellow) v Tipperary (Orange…I know, I said they wore brown last week. Get off my back, I was tired.)

What happens when two veterans like Rudy Nehrling and Jacob Wilkes lead their teams into a clash with one another? A buttload of points, that’s what.
Both teams confused this for an NBA All-Star game, and went with the “defense bores me” mantra...

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The Recap | Week 1

Antrim (Grey) v Kilkenny (Black)
Antrim & Kilkenny kicked off the Indoor Hurling season, and soon established that goals would be a key factor this year. Kilkenny quickly built a lead, but Antrim adjusted their strategy beautifully and it paid off. With Marc Kupfer acting as a hybrid goalie/sweeper, the rest of the team succeeded in scoring a flurry of goals as they overwhelmed the defense with sheer numbers. Kilkenny kept pace, but never settled into a rhythm...

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