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Dark Jerseys, Dark Words
Ironmen beat Gingermen
          In the religion made famous by Game of Thrones, those that worship the Drowned God, have a saying, “What is dead may never die, but rises again, harder, and stronger. The practitioners of this faith are known as the drowned men. They submit to intentional drowning, only to be revived. With this newfound life they seek to serve their lord by spreading their wave over the green lands. 

           It was with this idea that these drowned men, these Ironborn...
Upcoming Events
5/25/15 No Camogie Practice
5/27/15 Hurling Practice
5/28/15 Hinchtown Hammers v. Nunmoere All Blacks
5/28/15 Football Practice
5/29/15 Camogie Night
5/31/15 2 Gingers Irish Whiskey v. Pogue's Run Grocer

= Hurling match
= Football match
= Social event
= Club event
Battle for the top continues!
Battle for the top continues!
The Swami has spoken…and he finally picked all six games correctly this week! Unfortunately, the Swami was not the only person with a perfect week, as he was joined by seven others including Jeremy Fagan and Brian Church, who continued their close race at the top of the leaderboard. And for a fourth consecutive week, Sarah Saft recorded another 5 out of 6 and kept her place in 3rd ...

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