2014 Indianapolis Invitational
A Recap

Saturday, August 9 marked the 4th annual Indianapolis Gaelic Games Invitational. This year was another special year of club growth and tournament successes. The Indy Invitational was hosted on the newest addition to the Indianapolis Sporting Venues, the Indianapolis World Sports Park. A special Thank You goes out to all of the teams that made the trip to our city for the event: St. Louis Hurling, Gaelic Football, and Camogie Teams, Kalamazoo Hurling Team, Nashville Hurling Team, Cincinnati Gaelic Football Team, and Louisville Gaelic Football Team. Your support and great play made the tournament a triumph. ...

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9/17/14 Fishers HS Hurling Club Practice
9/18/14 Youth Committee Meeting
9/19/14 Premier GAA Night
9/20/14 Indiana University Invitational
9/20/14 Gaelic Football Festival
9/21/14 Fall Practice

= Hurling match
= Football match
= Social event
= Club event
Final Results!!
This has to have been the closest and most unpredictable playoffs in Indy GAA history! There were 21 Tournament Brackets turned in before the first round, and not a single person had a perfect bracket. In fact, the top score was a tie between Mark Loeser and Tim Boyll, who both picked 8 out of 10 games correctly. That would be an 80% prediction, which is barely a B in most schools! The tie breaker came down to the final score of both the Shield and the Championship game...

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