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Premier Night & Fireside Chat

Posted by Joe Witkowski at Jun 23, 2017 9:03AM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Premier Night Tonight at Kuntz Stadium
Please note that tonight’s Premier Night schedule is as follows, along with the fact that the hurling match at 9:30 is a stick toss that is open to all!

6:30pm – Camogie
7:30pm – Pub League Football – Bier vs Flat 12
8:30pm – Pub League Football – Daredevil vs Tappers
9:30pm – Hurling

The rain is expected to die out right around 6pm, so come on out and have some fun! If you can make it out early to help setup, please help out.

Fireside Chat Postponed

Please note that the originally scheduled Fireside Chat for tomorrow will be postponed due to conflicts that arose over the last week (aka: my nephew is now having a birthday party on Saturday, and my parents are coming into town).
It will be rescheduled asap, and will be at Bier Brewery.

Many thanks!

As June welcomed the hurlers of Indy with the first hot day of the season, 9 Irish Brothers looked to continue their solid, steady climb up the table. Facing a team that came in at 5-1 and sitting in second place in what surely is THE premier pub league in the good ol’ US of A, the Checkers were not to be denied. Racing out to a 10-point lead at half time, 9 Irish looked to win back-to-back games for the first time this campaign. The first half was a display of suffocating and dominating defense and possession. A half accentuated by tic-tac-toe highlights of lift, pass, point was marred only by a moonball goal by the company of limited liability’s Louie Landman. Brian Chernish was so absorbed gazing into the heavens the orb plopped behind the lad’s head and into the goal, no doubt with tongue out in sliotar mockery. Despite exhortations from the captains that this was a dangerous team, Dugan & Voland began to start lighting it up late in the second half as the Green & Blacks started to lose steam. However, train kept rolling on offense enough and stellar play in goal by Chernish held the D & V in check. A key pre-game change had Chris “The Other” Hazel assigned to Jeremy Fagan. An ever-increasingly frustrated Fagan was limited to a mere goal for the Limes, though he did ring the post on one shot. Gold number 14 was still finding lumps and scrapes of which he was not aware, even into the next day. “It’s just a flesh wound, I’ve had worse!” 9 Irish has now won three of their last five with tight losses in the other two to get to within one game of .500 and move into a virtual tie for fourth in the league standings. The Checkers have put up 70 points in their last two and have averaged 33 in their three victories as the squad continues to gel. Expect more noise from the burgeoning force. 9 Irish Abú!

Our Club’s biggest event of the year is this coming Saturday, June 17th…and we need everyone’s help!

Here’s how your help will make this event a success:

1. Coolers – we need to borrow coolers for the incoming teams. Please email to let us know to expect your cooler. Bring it Friday night for setup (at the latest, Saturday before 8 AM).

2. Friday & Saturday Volunteers – each hurling pub league team is tasked with a specific job – this is to make your lives easier, by focusing your volunteer efforts on one aspect! If you have any questions about your chores, ask your hurling team captains.

3. Friday Field Setup Day – Friday from 3 PM to 7 PM is field setup day. Please come help paint, arrange, and otherwise get ready for this big event.

Once Saturday comes, any effort you’ve put in will be rewarded 10-fold, when you seen the scores of visitors in Indy enjoying our fields and our sports on some of the nicest grass you’ll ever play on. We are built on volunteerism, and this day is when we get to show that off to the world!

Pat & Louie


Please note that this Wednesday’s club-wide practice will be held at World Sports Park @ 1313 South Post Road.
It will start at the usual time of 6:30.

Here’s your chance to get used to how the ball will bounce on Saturday, and give your knees and ankles some nice ground to run around on.

Hope to see everyone there!


Harley don’t care what you think of them. Like when you are in your minivan at the stoplight…with the kids…and the Hog next to you is sitting in neutral, cranking that engine. For no reason. Loud. Why does he have to make so much noise? Close your windows.

Did you check the scorecard and think you were gonna beat Harley today? Because on the stat sheet you thought you had a chance? Because you think the Swami has a clue? Guess again, Poindexter.

You want to run away from that Camry and that 9 to 5 desk job and join us. You want to crank that engine too, don’t you? Maybe next year.

We’re Harley Davidson. We’ll ruin your picnic and make your children cry. You wish you had this stuff. Ride or Die.

Harley-Davidson of Indianapolis def Hotel Tango Artisan Distillery, 5-10 to 4-7
Harley-Davidson of Indianapolis def Daredevil Brewing, 3-18 to 4-13.