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Two new teams, Tappers Arcade Bar and Bier Brewery, faced off in Round 1 of the Pub League Gaelic Football season, and what a battle it was. Tappers dealt the first blow to the Dankzillas in the opening minutes, but as in all Dankzilla stories, the beasts would not go down without a fight.

Goals from Ty Bremer and Eamonn McGilloway were countered with scoring from Bier’s Tyler Gail and Ian Corbett. Tappers went into halftime with the lead, confident in their game plan (which was something like up, up, down, down, right, left, right, left, kick).

The second half was a demonstration of holding onto a lead, and Coach Shoe knows all about demos. He schooled the opposition in how to play tough, physical defense. Coach Jarlath O’Malley added a further lesson on how to perform a flawless hook kick to put one over the bar.

A debut point for Nick Hoover helped keep Tappers score a step ahead, and a lapse in the Bier defense allowed Tappers half-forward Adam Toner to play pass in front of goal which was pin-balled from boot to post and past the keeper for 3.

Wave after wave of Dankzilla attacks were fended off by Paul Bentley, Gartzke, and Cody Ladd before the final whistle blew, and Tappers could put their initials into the High Score list.

TAP 3-8
BB 3-7


This has the full schedule with judging assignments.


The geriatric squad of Daredevil Brewing Co. met the relatively youthful crew from Harley-Davidson of Indianapolis for their first match of the 2017 Indy GAA Pub League season. With the energetic legs of Lasky, Daum, Howenstine, and Tsang in the middle, H-D looked to run around their opponents on this sunny opening day. However, the veteran crew of Daredevil were able to use their energy wisely and come away with a handy 6-13 to 4-5 win.

The game wasn’t quite as close as the score suggests, with DD controlling the game throughout. Jeff Bennett and Josh McShane dominated upfront and were responsible for five goals, while James Cody and Jeremy Pugh made it a tough day for the HD defense. Henvey and Connolly worked hard to keep H-D off the board with some top notch defense, along with Riley, Kirkman, and Touhy shoring it up in front of goalie/captain Chris Bungard, who gave up a single goal on the day.

H-D made it a closer in the last five minutes once Daredevil put in their awful backup goalie, who quickly gave up three goals. Cabeen and Pike roamed the middle of the field and kept the legs of H-D honest. Rookies Michelle O’Connor (DD) and Jonathan Redman (H-D) made their league debuts and made their presence known.

H-D put in yeoman’s work throughout the match. Their defense of captain Wilson and others put up a game effort but were overmatched on the day. Up front, H-D had a hard time getting opportunities against a solid DD defense.


What a great day we had to begin the 2017 Pub League season. Thanks to all club officials, volunteers and refs who made it happen!

Team D&V, despite showing some signs of winter rust, earned a hard-fought victory over Connors Pub on a scoreline of 1-14 to 2-08. Paul Earwood took the unenviable task of manning the goals and a fine job he did (even finding time to devise an Enigma-like secret puck out code). Mike Dugan, in his first outing, showed great promise for one so young! Loran Horan was his usual tenacious self (ask anyone he guarded for a more detailed account).

David Littlejohn showed he is equally adept on both ends of the floor; denying Connors on the defensive side while persisting to score a fine goal on offense. Ian Corbett shipped some heavy tackles but bounced up quickly every time to shore up the D&V defense. Ian Heraty floated like a butterfly and stung like a bee around the middle third, chipping in some great long-range scores. Jacob Owens was a savior to the elder statesmen on the team with his speed and clever touches on the ball.

Jackson Charles used that former linebacker fearlessness to be in the right position time after time (in the post-game interview for ESPN, he gave credit to his sister for his emerging hurling prowess). Kyle Griffith displayed all the wily veteran moves, delivering several much needed points, while his veteran compatriot, Louie Landman, despite recovering from a Zika-Typhoid-Gout combo, found the energy to play both offense and defense (#agelesswonder).

On the Connors side, they had great contributions on offense from Brian Church, Teddy Jorgenson, Kasey Samson and Dylan Harmison, as well as an unknown rookie offensive recruit – he looked a lot like Joey Landman, but that’s impossible. In goal, Kelsey Alcorn’s heart rate never got into double figures (she has her own line of “Keep Calm” t-shirts & mugs). Erin Mulryan, David Gartzke, Tyler Fenwick and Reid Smith were defensive rocks upon which many a D&V raid crashed, while Joe Witkowski and Keegan Sourwine took the fight to D&V with intensity around the middle of the park.

Finally, to Josh from Smoking Iron – thanks for being willing to help us out…appreciate it!


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The important part is to have it setup prior to this Friday (if you are wanting to collect your hurling jersey at the Season Kickoff Party at Bent Rail), or prior to this Sunday’s hurling matches if you will be taking the field that day.

Footballers will have jerseys in by April 19th (the Wednesday practice before the first game on April 20th), so they should be looking to have their dues paid or setup no later than that date.

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