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    The Smoking Iron is up to S...

    The Marlboro man would be proud of the Smoking Iron group. In just one week they have moved from smokin’ o... read more 
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    Match Day 2, on the Octave ...

    Match Day 2, on the octave of Easter, opened with dazzling, deep blue skies and radiant sunshine. The azur... read more 
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    Flat 12 Beer Falls Flat

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    This has the full schedule with judging assignments.
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    Full Hurling Pub League Sch...

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    Practices are starting!

    Practices are beginning! Hurling... read more 
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    Rec League Registration is ...

    Rec League registration can be accessed by going to the Members section, and following the link at the top ... read more 

Message Board

2017-03-21T16:27:14-07:00March 21 2017, at 04:27 PM PDT, Dylan Harmison said:

Just seeing this now, Jackson. Sorry! Here is the link if you still need it: http://www.indygaa.com/forms/13975-2017-Rec-Hurli ng-League-Registration

2017-03-16T16:47:04-07:00March 16 2017, at 04:47 PM PDT, Jackson Charles said:

We cannot find the registration for the rec league. Jackson Charles wants to join. A bunch of teenagers could not find it either.

There are no teams at the moment.




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