News and Announcements


Due to the fact that apparently the plague is spreading and striking people down left and right, tonight’s board meeting has been postponed.

The new date will be posted via announcements and on the calendar once it has been determined.

If you had input you wanted to offer on the proposed grant request or anything else that can’t wait until the rescheduled meeting, please email the pertinent board member (or the entire board email) and share your thoughts. Emails can be found on the website front page (to the right).


It’s your opportunity to say goodbye to Steve and Irene Lewis on their last pub crawl before they move back to Ireland.
We’ll be visiting sponsors.
It’s $20.

Actual preliminary crawl stops:
Connors – begin
9 Irish
Flat 12
Bent Rail
Connors – end

Sign up and pay here:

Also, if you have a cooler we can use for the pub crawl (we’ll need a few), please let Caity Nemer know.

Date: Saturday, December 9, 2017
Time: 03:00 PM EST
Duration: 6 hours


It’s a flash Fireside Chat!
This Saturday I will be at Bier Brewery from 12:30pm to 2pm. Any and all topics are open for conversation. Come by and bitch & moan to me about how terrible I am, share that awesome idea that you’ve been thinking about, ask a zillion questions about next year’s Pub Leagues, or just share a beer with me and we can talk about Star Wars (seriously, it’s a month away, I will talk about it for the entire hour and a half if you want to).

But wait, it’s an entire Bier Brewery weekend! Because Sunday at noon, there will be a viewing of the International Series Football match between Ireland and Australia. It’s the second match of the series, with Australia having won the first match. This will also not be a live viewing, since the match is being played at something like 3:45am our time. Which means if you want to be surprised of who wins, don’t Google the match details before you go.
There may be some of our friends from the local Aussie Rules Football club there, as well, so you can tell them how anything and everything that is good about International Rules comes from Gaelic Football (I don’t even know what I’m talking about, but you should still say it).

Additionally, we will be issuing a call for nominations for player awards in the near future. Start thinking about who you’d like to nominate, and keep your eyes peeled for the official announcement.

Make a quick note that we will be having our Winter Pub Crawl on December 9th. Details will follow soon!

Finally, in a bit of quick news from the USGAA national conference: While the individual player registration measure failed to pass (which would’ve added the most amount of financial burden to our club), the individual player injury insurance requirement did pass.
We will be sifting through what exactly this means in terms of who is expected to carry it, how it will be carried out, and how much it will cost (currently, the USGAA itself doesn’t know how much it will cost). At a minimum, the cost to send teams to Nationals will go up.
Please feel free to ask questions, offer input, or better yet, attend a board meeting to stay up to speed with what this will mean for our club. The next board meeting is December 12th @ 7:30pm.


Don’t forget that the deadline to sign-up for the Indoor Hurling League is coming up this Friday.
Go to to sign-up, and let us know if there is someone new who you want to get signed up, as well.

Don’t forget that the AGM is coming up on November 5th. There will be a vote on an update to the Fundraising Chair position, as well as for new club officers. Don’t forget to put your name in if you’d like to run for one of the positions up for election.

Finally, if you have not responded to the request for feedback on this year’s Pub Leagues, please take five minutes out of your day and go here to let us know your thoughts:

Thank you!


We want to know how you felt about league play this year, so that we can improve it for next year.
The survey is pretty short and sweet (just nine questions, with a tenth question available for extra commentary), and your input is really important!

Go to and let us know what you think.
Everything is anonymous, so you can be completely honest without worrying about someone getting their feelings hurt.

We can’t make things better without knowing what all of you think, so head on over and give your two cents (or twenty).