Posted by Indianapolis Gaelic Athletic Association on Jan 31 2017 at 09:51AM PST in 2017-2018

The Indy GAA is excited to announce our new website at! We have partnered with TeamPages to build a shiny new home that’ll give us a sharp new look while being as accessible as and more consistent than our previous site.

To get us up and running, you will receive an email from TeamPages which will take you to the site to setup a password and add a profile picture. Your email address will be your username, unlike our old website. We are requesting everyone add a profile picture soon so we can use the website for our draft night presentation and it will look much nicer if everyone involved has an image.

To update your information, click on the “Welcome” at the top of the page and edit the About Me section. Please confirm your Profile Info (and add profile picture) and Contact Information (and SMS Information – Enabled). Once that is complete, click on the Teams text at the top of the page and choose Indianapolis Gaelic Athletic Association in order to return to the club homepage.

Some of the enhancements we’ll see from moving from the old website to our new TeamPages home:
1. Updated homepage. Yeah, we know, the old one looked…old.
2. Fewer crashes. We’ve had a difficult year at our old home with crashes and website issues, including emailing and league disruptions. All those issues go away with the new website.
3. Easier updates. This includes news, articles, photos and videos, communication, league standings, and statistics.
4. A mobile app! TeamPages has built an app that will make it easy to check news and communication, etc., while mobile. Look for the “TeamPages” app for iOS and Android. Download, sign-in using your username (your email address) and password, and you’re all set. However, in order to get the full functionality of the website while mobile, please access via the browser on your smartphone.
5. Like our previous site, we have PayPal available for purchases.
6. The media tab will take you to Flickr for our photos and YouTube for our videos.

And, sign up for Pub League right here in the Members tab and click the Registration link:


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