Special Orders Now Open!

Posted by Indianapolis Gaelic Athletic Association on Mar 07 2017 at 09:56AM PST in 2017-2018

Want your kid with fur to look as fly as you do in your Pub League jersey?
Do you not play for Bier Brewery’s football team, but want to have the only Gaelic jersey ever to sport a dinosaur on it?
Playing goalie for your team, and also want an outfielder jersey? (Or vice-versa)

Well say no more, because the Special Orders page is now open and accepting orders.
And this year, we happily announce the return of ALL sizing options for ALL sponsors!

Please note that you must now pay up front. No more commit and pay later.

The Special Orders page will be open until next Monday night @ 10pm.
It can be accessed by selecting the Members tab up top. After that takes you to the Members page, the Special Orders link will be up near the top near the Registration links.

If you have any questions, please email

NOTE FOR NEW PLAYERS: This is not to order your main Pub League jersey. This is for ordering EXTRA jerseys.


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