Flat 12 Beer Falls Flat

Posted by Indianapolis Gaelic Athletic Association on Apr 24 2017 at 11:25AM PDT in 2017-2018

With storms looming in the background, Flat 12 and Daredevil took the field. In its first game of the season against the reigning football champs, the Daredevil team showed they were up to the challenge. The veterans of the Daredevil team proved their worth against a seemingly unsettled Flat 12 side, quickly scoring a goal and adding on points while managing to keep the mighty Flat 12 forwards scoreless.

Daredevil set the tone early, making statement goals and upping the physical intensity. Alan Henvey started the season at high intensity with 2 goals and 2 points, proving his worth on the football pitch. Barry Moore, Taylor Howenstine, and Brogan Sheedy owned the midfield, winning high catches and making their presence known with some heavy hitting.

But Flat 12 was able to fight back with a vengeance and in the second half they were able to close in on Daredevil, with their scoring proving that they will be a team to contend with. Paul Flynn knocked in 3 goals while fighting off the stout defense of Daredevil, carrying the Flat 12 offense with his intensity. With Flat 12 closing the gap, Daredevil settled in for a fight and was able to shut down the onslaught of Flat 12 fury with the defensive tenacity of Reid Smith and Tim Cabeen, with Adam Speer controlling the defense from between the posts.


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