The Smoking Iron is up to Smokin’ Two Packs a Day

Posted by Indianapolis Gaelic Athletic Association on Apr 26 2017 at 07:23AM PDT in 2017-2018

The Marlboro man would be proud of the Smoking Iron group. In just one week they have moved from smokin’ one pack a day to two. Just last week they lit up Nine Irish for their first win of the season and they were hooked on the sweet addiction of winning.

On another beautiful day for hurling, the Smoking Iron Alterations team headed to the corner gas station to pick up a few different packs to try. First up was the brand new pack of Dugan and Voland. The Dugan and Voland brand is known for its defensive bite in Littlejohn and Connery and its toasty offense in the guise of Fagan and Griffith. Fortunately, for the Smoking Iron, the pack wasn’t full and they quickly smoked the whole thing; 7-10 to 2-10. The highlight of the game was Smoking Iron Owner Mike Dollinger making a pass that lead to a goal score.

After a bit of time to clear the lungs, the Iron was back to try a pack of Harley Davidson Hogs. The hogs lit up early and easily in the game giving up 2 quick goals to the potent Smoking Iron offense. Matt Mickleson played an early role for the squad. However after tasting early success, the game became a total drag for the yellow stained team as Harley dug in defensively and it became a choking game of attrition. Both teams were not able to mount much offense as the defenses fouled up the air and ground attacks for each team.

Getting towards the end of the game Harley was able to score a goal to bring it within 2 points but the Smoking Iron went to their usual blow torch attack in Jacob Wilkes and the Iron finished the pack with a score line of 5-8 to 3-6. With this win the Smoking Iron finds themselves in a fabulous position of 3 wins and 0 losses in the early portion of the season.

The surgeon general has warned the Smoking Iron that there are some teams ahead that could be hazardous to their health, namely next week’s opponent Connors Pub, which has gone smokeless in recent years.

After the game, Smoking Iron Captain Laura Barnhart (pictured) was heard to say “If I had known that Smokin’ em would feel so good, I would have started years ago.”

In a related move, it was announced that the Speerharts have broken up to allow Laura to pursue her new love…Smoking Jay Cutler. A picture of the new found couple was taken by the paparazzi recently canoodling at Burns Fields.


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