We Beat That Other Team

Posted by Indianapolis Gaelic Athletic Association on May 23 2017 at 08:30AM PDT in 2017-2018

Our team beat that other team with the plaid on it. They have those two good guys, the one with the Shakespeare cat on his leg and that handsome #5, but our guys were able to get the ball more than them and our good guys were running faster when they were being chased and that one Irish guy scored a bunch of goals.

I think we were losing at halftime but nobody seemed too worried about it because our guy with the bushy black hair was telling us the good things we did and was helping us talk about how we should yell at each other on the field to let each other know where we are. I yelled a lot for sure. At least it wasn’t raining during our game because it stormed like crazy on the one before ours. It was kinda muddy and I saw some dude slip in the mud and got mud all over his white shorts, it was hilarious and I was laughing in my helmet.

We almost lost at the end when that cat leg guy ran all the way down the field with the ball bouncing on his stick and our guys were chasing him and they got really close but then he smacked the ball too fast, but it was about six inches to the side and didn’t go in the goal and then the ref said “Game over, and the Daredevils are the winners,” or something like that. Looks like I even got a little sunburn, which is no big deal.


2017-05-25T21:22:34.000-07:00May 25 2017, at 09:22 PM PDT, Adam Speer said:

amazing, felt like i was there