Indy Invitational help wanted!

Posted by Indianapolis Gaelic Athletic Association on Jun 15 2017 at 05:37AM PDT in 2017-2018

Our Club’s biggest event of the year is this coming Saturday, June 17th…and we need everyone’s help!

Here’s how your help will make this event a success:

1. Coolers – we need to borrow coolers for the incoming teams. Please email to let us know to expect your cooler. Bring it Friday night for setup (at the latest, Saturday before 8 AM).

2. Friday & Saturday Volunteers – each hurling pub league team is tasked with a specific job – this is to make your lives easier, by focusing your volunteer efforts on one aspect! If you have any questions about your chores, ask your hurling team captains.

3. Friday Field Setup Day – Friday from 3 PM to 7 PM is field setup day. Please come help paint, arrange, and otherwise get ready for this big event.

Once Saturday comes, any effort you’ve put in will be rewarded 10-fold, when you seen the scores of visitors in Indy enjoying our fields and our sports on some of the nicest grass you’ll ever play on. We are built on volunteerism, and this day is when we get to show that off to the world!

Pat & Louie


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