Seeking Grill Master Extraordinaire for annual picnic!

Posted by Indianapolis Gaelic Athletic Association on Jul 26 2017 at 05:26PM PDT in 2017-2018

It’s all in the title. We are needing a person who is at least 18 years of age and therefore hopefully at least 5’ tall and also has hands that have the mobility and dexterity to hold grilling tools and can turn assorted meats over at least 180 degrees. Also someone who has eyes that can monitor the gradual increase of the temperature and therefore the external look of the meats and has sound judgment to be able to determine when said meats are at a suitable level of heat to serve for consumption. This person can be a player, club member, or one of club affiliation who is free after either the 10am or 11am matches (preferably 10am for the sake of time) to boldly go where honestly many have gone before and take on the vital role of INDY GAA GRILL MASTER EXTRAORINAIRE-AIRE-AIRE-Aire-aire…

Simply email me if interested and available at


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